UT Dallas Disc Golf Course

For my birthday, my lovely Sabrina bought me two sets of frisbee golf discs and arranged for us to go out on the UT Dallas disc golf course. Unfortunately, the course only has 9 holes, which makes for a pretty short game of disc golf. In order to increase your playing pleasure, I present to you: the UT Dallas Disc Golf Course Back 9:

The Great Chicken Caper, Part II: Zazzles Regained, OR It’s M*F*ing Zazzles Time

When we left off in Part I of this tale, we had lost a chicken, found two totally unrelated chickens, left them at our house, and sped off to some event.

When we returned later that evening we had brought with us some custom wood furniture for the house, so we put it aside and tried to figure out what to do about these random chickens, at least for the night. Our dogs go out into the back yard regularly, and we’ve establish the tensions in chicken-dog relations already. We found the random chickens perched for the night, one on top of our secondary chicken coop (really a dog crate), the other in our boxwood tree, with a death grip on one of the branches. (The one on the coop was the friendly, biddable one, while Little Miss Death-Grip was the one that was so hard to catch in the first place.) Since there were three of us, we managed to guard the chickens from the dogs when they went out, decided more or less to let the chickens stay where they had settled in, and deal with it in the morning.
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What is “The Hanged Man”?


“The Hanged Man” was an online Synchronet BBS Home Screen alias or “handle” I adopted somewhere around 1994, when I didn’t even have access to the internet and instead was using local dialup bulletin board systems (BBS’s). I continued to use the name on into the next millennium, when I started a webpage and got an email address. I’ve continued to use it into the present mostly out of inertia. It’s also a fairly memorable handle, and I’ve had the web domain long enough not to want to give it up.

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