3 thoughts on “Philosophy under Trump

  1. This is raw speculation but sometimes I feel that one of the biggest problems in the country right now is a lack of philosophy amongst the elite and business leaders. If you went back to the enlightenment you’d see that those at the top were usually guided by a pretty strict code of ethics, something that I think many on the top today have thrown away in trade for a more hedonistic lifestyle. I think that this is draining our society and that philosophers have a job to do in that they need to instill a greater sense of responsibility in those who run the show.

    I personally don’t agree with the representative democracy system and am drawn towards direct democracy and anarcho syndicalism but feel that if we want to make our current system work we can’t have a bunch of selfish assholes milking us dry. on that note I think that critical theory is immensely important in showing the people that there are better ways of doing things. Books like deschooling society and one dimensional man have empowered me in ways that no news organization or Facebook post ever could.

    I feel though that philosophy is more important now than ever before and that if there is any new world order or all encompassing conspiracy theory going on it’s to keep philosophy relegated to academia rather than being heard by the public.

    -James Roderer

    PS excuse my grammar and spelling I’m sure I could of done a better job there

  2. The scariest part of all this though is that Donald Trump lacks even the most basic knowledge of philosophy and ethics. He’s been quoted saying he doesn’t like reading books and would prefer to watch TV…this is very scary because even bush and Regan were varacious readers. I’m inclined to believe that Trump doesn’t even know who John Locke is or how he coined the “pursuit of happiness” phrase, something that almost any high school student knows. I’m very nervous because this means he doesn’t have the understanding needed to respect our basic rights as we’ve already started to see. He also grew up during the heat of the cold war and red feaver so I’d imagine he believes in Nixon’s early years in California and all the McCarthy stuff and FBI overreach that characterized that era and left us with many of the problems we face today. I’m super super nervous but also excited because I think people are going to be forced to either bend over and take it or rise up and change the system once and for all. Given how smart most millennials are I’d imagine it’s going to be the latter over the former.

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