More Dispatches from Pittsburgh

What I’m reading this week: Morality for Humans by Mark Johnson, another broadly Deweyan account of moral deliberation centering moral imagination.
What I’m writing: An overview/plan of my book project and a talk based on it.
Other stuff I’m working on: Learning the ropes of Treasurer for HOPOS (why did I agree to this??); Anjan Chakravartty on scientific realism for our weekly reading group.
What I’m doing for fun: Fun???

I’m keeping very busy here in Pittsburgh, partly because I am not spending enough time here. I just got back from an unplanned trip to Dallas (nothing to worry about), and I’m going back across the Atlantic next week to give a talk.

Joyce Havstad and I have been having an interesting exchange over how to interpret the Argument from Inductive Risk (AIR), based on what Heather Douglas said in her Descartes Lectures. It’s been very helpful for me. Joyce is a delight to collaborate with, even when we’re butting heads on something. I hope to clean that exchange up and post it here on the blog tonight or tomorrow.

Pittsburgh is very hilly, though I’m getting to where I can get around more places without getting winded. I think I’ve pretty much got the ropes of the public transit system. I’m enjoying being around the Center for Philosophy of Science, though I think I’ll gel with the group more when I don’t have so much traveling to do.

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