Introduction – 1/15

This week we will get an overview of the course topics and assignments, review the syllabus, and discuss the following articles.



  • Read articles BEFORE class.
  • Leave a comment below and tell us something about yourself. (You don’t have to use your full name, but enter your UTD email address (it won’t be published) or otherwise enough information for me to figure out who you are.)

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23 thoughts on “Introduction – 1/15

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  2. Hello Professor Brown. I am a poet and I’m preparing to self publish my second poetry book, Hindsight 20/20. I self published my first book, Blurred Vision, in 2011. I also run my own website/blogging column, I’m currently employed at Frito Lay in Plano, TX, where I serve as Multipack Coordinator in Contract Manufacturing. I’m really looking forward to the class and meeting you.

  3. Hi!
    I’m originally from Victoria Texas and a first year ATEC student working on my MFA. I obtained my BFA concentrating in New Media from UT San Antonio in 2007, then taught Art and Intro. to Computer Graphics at Travis Middle School in Port Lavaca Texas from August 2008 – June 2012. Currently I am employed at Neighborhood Service Council as an after school counselor. We are a non-profit organization that provides free after school care, tutoring, and enrichment lessons to kids of economically disadvantaged families in the Richardson Independent School District. I’m excited about this semester and meeting everyone next Tuesday! See you soon!

  4. Hey there. Halfway thru my EMAC MA – I’m on the slow track… only taking one course a semester. Excited about the course. See you next week.

  5. Hello,
    I am from Mexico City, got my undergraduate degree from UNAM in Political Science, and I just graduated from the MLS @ SMU this past summer. I work as a construction office/project manager and moonlight as grad student, hoping that the order of these factors can soon be inverted. I am a human rights activist, whom for the most part, works with Amnesty International, so I would like to say that I am a concerned citizen of the world trying to survive the “liquidity” of these times. This is my first UTD semester, so I am ecxited.

  6. Dear all,

    I am an international student, I travelled from Saudi Arabia to U.S to continue my study. I studied a Graphic design in Pittsburg, Kansas, 2011. I am currently, in UTD, studying my graduate program in Game design and interactive media. My interest in graphics, animation, virtual environment, 3D game design, and digital media. I am so excited to have this class and I would like to learn about cultural, political, informative media and communication.

  7. Hello, I’m an ACN student from Seoul, Korea and this is my second semester in UTD.
    I have a PhD in science education and had been working as a researcher/instructor in universities and public organizations. My work experiences include the development of k-12 science curriculum and informal education for public understanding of science which led me to be interested in cognitive science. I am exciting to learn new things in the new environment. See you on Tuesday.

  8. Hey everybody! This is my second year here at UTD so I’m half way through now. I’m currently working as both a graphic designer/ video editor for the UTD School of Management, and as an intern for Viper Comics. I’m interested in cognitive science as it relates to media because I plan on eventually writing a fiction novel that delves deep into the subject, as well as the philosophical logistical elements behind it.

  9. Hello!
    Currently I am a Fast-Track student and will earn my B.S. in Neuroscience this May while being halfway to my M.S. in Applied Cognition & Neuroscience. I’m excited to take this course as a reprieve from learning biochemical interactions and neuropathic pathways to reflect on the theories surrounding bigger picture concepts of what drives human thought and interaction. Among my many side projects, I am working to launch my first website this year, so I also hope that Professor Brown’s savvy grip on social media will enlighten my aspirations further. Looking forward to meeting all of you and exploring these topics together!

  10. Hi there,
    This is my second semester at the Emerging Media & Communication MA. I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area a year ago after spending some great time working at Facebook and Univision. I am currently living in Dallas and working as an instructional designer and developer for bilingual online education projects at Mary Kay Corporate in Addison. I am originally from Colombia. I’m super excited to be part of this program and can’t wait to start class on Tuesday!

  11. I am a Ph.D. student and Research Manager at UT Dallas. Most of my career was spent as a journalist; now I’m on a long exploration of new media.

  12. Hello!

    This is my 2nd semester at UTD. I’m in the EMAC M.A program. I have a B.A in mass communication, with a minor in public relations & advertising. I currently work in the social media department at SuperMedia, LLC.

    I am looking forward to this course!

  13. I’m starting my second semester as an EMAC MA student, and currently a personal trainer in the Highland Park/Preston Hollow area. I graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a BA in Communication Arts Digital Media, and played baseball there. I also served in the United States Army and did a ten month tour in Iraq. I’m currently not certain what I want to do with my degree, but I know that working in the field is very appealing. I would love to continue to gain knowledge in social media, as this would assist my career in personal training.

  14. Hi Professor Brown, i am an international student from China. I have a B.A. in Broadcasting, M.A. in Communication and Ph. D. in Public Relations. This is my second semester in EMAC M.A. program. I have learned a lot from my classmates last semester and i am looking forward to this course 🙂

  15. Hello,

    My name is Harrison Massey. I have a B.A. in EMAC and work in the Mobile Lab, which includes work similar to my work on EnemyGraph with Bradley Griffith a year ago. My main interests lie in open-source software development: the community, the process, and the practice. You can find me on Twitter @IAmAboutUs, where I make jokes and occasionally say something relevant and interesting.

  16. Dear Professor Brown and Fellow Students,

    I am looking forward to the class tonight! I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine, have a Degree in Liberal Arts (Language and Literature) and a Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Media studies is of a special interest to me. This is my first semester at UTD, in the EMAC graduate program.

    Thank you,

    Oksana Cobb

  17. Super psyched about this class!

    I have a BA in Psychology and a MA in EMAC. I’ve just started a second MA hoping to combine HCI/EMAC-ATEC/Marketing/MIS.

  18. Hi Professor Brown,

    I am a ACN student who is interested in learning how we learn, and, how technology can help us learn more efficiently and effectively. I think adaptive learning technologies (such as DARPA’s Augmented Cognition) will revolutionize education in the near future and am eager to learn more about them.

  19. Hi Professor,

    I really learnt a lot from today’s class. Had to attend even though i’m not completely registered.
    I do not have a formal background in media or the arts but Ii have worked in publishing for a while.
    It is my first semester in UTD in the EMAC graduate program. I look forward to a great learning experience.


  20. Hello,

    My name is Perry Moler. I am currently in my 2nd semester in the ATEC Ph.D. Program. I have my M.S. in Technology Management, and currently an instructor at Texas A&M University – Commerce in the department of Engineering & Technology.

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