CCC Weekly Methods Activities

Each week will include certain reading assignments, activities, or both. These activities supplement our main texts by focuses primarily on the methods of research. Consult the weekly schedule to determine reading assignments. Here are all of the major activities:

  1. Leave a comment on the introductory webpage. Due 1/15.
  2. Cognitive Diary and Everday Activity Analysis. Due 1/22
  3. Complete NIH Protecting Human Research Subjects training. Due 2/12
  4. Photo Documentation of an Everyday Activity Due 2/26
  5. Interview Project Part 1: Collect and Transcribe an Interview Due 3/19
  6. Interview Project Part 2: Describe and Analyze Cultural Models Due 4/2

Note: For most of these projects, you will have to obtain informed consent.

Credit to Ed Hutchins from whom I’ve adapted some of these project ideas and taken some of the text for the directions.

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