Baker’s Bourbon Review

Bottle of Baker's BourbonAge: 7 years
Proof: 107°
Price: $43.00

Color: Medium-dark amber

Nose: Dry sawdust and hay. A splash of water brings out some nice sweet and floral notes.

Palate: Starts with candied fruit that evolves quickly into heat and spice, burns in the nose. The 107° really shows on this one. A splash of water helps, brings out lot of caramel, but it’s almost too sweet.

Finish: Nice and long, a lot of black pepper and oak.

Overall: Baker’s is a good bourbon, less rye than a lot of the Jim Beam small batch bourbons. It turns out to be a tricky bourbon to drink, though, since the heat really comes through when you take it neat, while water makes it almost too sweet. The big problem with Baker’s is the price: you can get better bourbon’s for less. Compare this to Old Weller Antique, which is the same proof without as much heat, definitely sweeter but easier drinking and more interesting overall, and usually only runs $25 or less.

Rating: B+

4 thoughts on “Baker’s Bourbon Review

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  2. Hi you mentioned that there is less rye, this is not supposed to be bookers or knob creek. It is something nice that can easily get passed up you just got to be in the mood for it.

    • Good point. There’s a time for every bourbon! Baker’s really isn’t bad!

      In my review, I said that Baker’s had “less rye,” though strictly speaking, it has the same mash bill as Jim Beam, Knob Creek, and Booker’s. When I said less rye, I meant that it had a sweeter, less rye-spicy flavor profile. Supposedly they use a different yeast – which must explain the fact that it is sweeter and fruitier.

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